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Who is the intended audience?

The intended audience is the MIT Community. The information posted to the 3DOWN Services Status page is intended to be non technical and easy reading.

Who may post a message to the 3DOWN Services Status page?

The General Services section may be updated by selected members of the administration including appropriate staff from the Department of Facilities.

Currently, the Administrative Services section may be updated by business leaders, IS&T Service and Support team leaders and their designates, application providers (Data Warehouse, Roles, COEUS, etc.).

Other sections are updated by the staff responsible for providing those services.

Proposed and/or planned outages, preferably, at the beginning of each business week.

Unplanned outages, when feasible. Once an unplanned outage has been addressed, the Web page will be updated with an explanatory note for an appropriate period of time. Also, at the time of posting an unplanned outage, e-mail should be directed to an approporiate e-mail, if relevant. The 3DOWN update page allows the posted message to be e-mailed to a person and/or e-mail list with ease.

Is there an order in which messages should be posted?

Current recommendation is...

Unplanned outages should appear as the first item in the section. Proposes and planned outages should appear in date order sequence.

How to Update?

The supporting maintenance page for 3DOWN is:
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